Antonio Vite holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Financial Strategy from the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico – ITAM. He also has a qualification in “Corporate Advisory” from the same Institute (ITAM).

Throughout his professional career Antonio has worked as a tax consultant in merger and acquisitions processes of national and foreign enterprises, corporate restructurings, capital raising in private and public markets, and has taken part in IPO processes (shares, debt, CKDS, and CBFIS, among others).

He has also advised international investors participating on the energy, infrastructure, and agriculture sectors in Mexico, both in their brownfield and greenfield stages.

Antonio’s professional experience has been in transactional Mexican tax firms, such as Muñoz Manzo y Ocampo and OSY.

Antonio has experience as tax advisor in real estate projects for leasing and sale.

During several years Antonio was part of the BMV faculty at the Escuela Bolsa Mexicana – Mexican Stock Exchange, teaching courses regarding tax matters related to IPO processes, Fibras (Mexican Reits), Fibra E (Mexican MLPs), and ETFs, among others. In addition, he has frequently participated as a speaker in multiple academic and professional forums.

Antonio is member of the International Fiscal Association - IFA.

Antonio is fluent in both Spanish and English.